Most Nigerians prefer traveling by road not because it is the safest, but tends to be the cheapest after water transportation. This brochure provides new data on the economic and social benefits of air transport – including its valuable contribution to job Facebook. This may mean new customers, menus, or challenges, but regardless, there aren't many jobs where those who thrive on the unexpected can really find their feet. CONTENT : ADVANTAGES OF TOURISM 7. Almost all the destinations in the world depend a great deal on efficient means of transportation being made available to tourists. People travel for various reasons ranging fromcommerce, education, pleasure, relaxation, exploration, events and even for the fun of it. In the aviation sector, a forecast found that by 2032 the world’s airlines will need 460,000 additional pilots and 650,000 new maintenance technicians to service current and future aircraft. This study contributes to knowledge and could serve as a guide for other work or study. Traveling for various purposes is associated with man (Walker and Walker, 2011:14). Learn more about both travel and tourism, and the industries based on those activities. As in all tourism-related sectors, cyclical labour shortages can significantly impact the transportation industry. With a blockchain system, consumers can interact directly with retailers - cutting out the middleman, saving costs and providing the most efficient, streamlined user experience. With this huge phase of expansion, let us take a look at how it has been beneficial for travel and tourism industry. TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), relationship between transportation and tourism, THE PROCESS OF CANDLE PRODUCTION FROM THE COMPOSITION OF CANDLE, A STUDY OF THE PROBLEMS FACING THE MARKETING OF POULTRY PRODUCT IN EGOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IN EDO STATE, ASSESSING HOTELS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES TO ITS HOST COMMUNITIES, ASSESSMENT OF TOURIST CENTRES IN BADAGRY COMMUNITY LAGOS STATE, UTILIZATION OF RICE FOR PRODUCTION OF SNACKS AND BREAD, THE IMPACT OF LEADERSHIP STYLES ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE (A CASE STUDY OF POWER HOLDING COMPANY NIGERIA PHCN), THE ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY TO THE NATION, PRODUCTION OF ASSORTED SNACKS FROM COMPOSITE FLOUR WITH SPECIAL REFERENCES TO SWEET POTATO, ACTUARIAL SCIENCE PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS. Traveling is a great way of expanding your horizons. However, there are a range of transport that you can use to … From travel geek and chatterbox to brilliant sales pitcher or serious analytical type there's a space for your approach. Income 7.1. As a result of this, transport companies fix fares indiscriminately, whether in the face of fuel scarcity or not. Tourism cannot be fully achieved without transportation, as it is what drives tourism.Tourism and transportation are used interchangeably by people, but it is pertinent to know that there are two different things; as all tourists are travelers but not all travelers are tourists (Chadwick, 1994:65). Vehicle should have some characteristics which are used for easy transport of goods and services. For age long decades, travelling has always been a part of man. Previously, the travels were related more to the commercial activity, the … Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); One of the factors that contribute to the social and economic development of a nation is having a dependable and efficient transportation system .Storey (1969) and Dawson and Barwell (1993) assert that transportation enhances the regional development of a country, though it has a positive, negative and neutral effect on an economy. 6 Ways Social Media Has Changed the Tourism and Travel Industry There are very few businesses or industries that social media has not had a massive impact on, and travel & tourism is no exception. The travel and tourism experience of tourists and the ideas about tourism products start and end with transportation. Without compromise, our community comes first. 1. The deplorable state of Nigeria roads keeps posing a challenge on the success of tourism in Nigeria. Travel & Tourism helps to promote the cultural heritage of local communities. That is why it is impossible to consider tourism without transportation. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This study aims at reminding the government-both state and federal of the ever-poor state of our roads and the need to look into putting them in good shapes. Therefore, transport is a fundamental part of the tourism industry. Before the World … In the positive light, it triggers rapid development, in the negative it leads to migration, easy spread of diseases and while in the neutral, are cases where transport facilities do not contribute to productivity at all. © 2021   All Rights Reserved   for tourism is dependent on whether the potential traveller has the ability to travel (i.e. The road transport companies of Nigeria have limitations ranging from employment of incompetent drivers, continued usage of worn out vehicles with worn out parts and poor services when it comes to the treatment of passengers. All the recruiting news you see here, delivered straight to your inbox. Air transport has made traveling more affordable and convenient for destinations. Traveling, for most people, is about physical movement. ADVERT SPACE ! Commercial airlines were created for travelers. Distance is now measured in hours and not in kilometers. The air transport industry has not only underpinned wealth creation in the developed world, but has also brought enormous benefits to developing economies by unlocking their potential for trade and tourism. When staying in another country, one of the most important components in the travel and tourism industry is accommodation. Transportation is perhaps the single most important element affecting the tourism industry. There is … Our goal is to provide information that is meaningful. However, the travel and tourism sector of Nigeria have been growing in limbs and bounds recently. Both consumers and the industry are taking advantage of e-commerce and expanding their businesses for good. All these culminate to negatively affect the tourism industry of Nigeria and this study aims at examining the impact of transportation in the tourism industry. The man at the beginning of his existence roamed about the surface of the earth in the search of food, shelter, securities, and better habitat. Due to this, the government has embarked on measures to help sustain this industry and use it as a tool to achieve its 2020 vision (Jetlife 2012:7). Some schools of thought have for example sought to categorize the role of transportation in tourism into negative, positive, and neutral. 18. travel facilitators) or the desire to travel (i.e. For others, it is about journeys of the mind. Transportation plays a major role in the economy. E-commerce has changed the whole concept of travel and tourism. The Impact of E-commerce on the Industry. Transportation is generally of two types. Without a way to get to or travel within a destination, fewer tourists will find a way to visit. The road transport companies of Nigeria have limitations ranging from employment of incompetent drivers, continued usage of worn out vehicles with worn out parts and poor services when it comes to the treatment of passengers. What is difference between the travel and tourism industry? Yet, despite the rand weakening in 2016, the local industry did not benefit from it. Road transport companies like ‘The Young Shall Grow Motors” needs to review their services in other not to lose customers to their competitors and to equally promote tourism in Nigeria. 1. Investing In Local Infrastructure – Public projects to be funded. Shelton, CT 06484. One thing that many people in the travel industry may not realize is the important and vital relationship between transport and tourism. Based on a report from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), this sector has greatly increased the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nigeria in the past few years. Terms of Service, 4 Research Drive – Suite 402 It increases the production efficiency and it links to the logistics system. Hypothesis 1 H0: there is no mean difference in the responses of the respondents based on the level of experience that effective management helps improve transportation efficiency in young shall grow motors H1: there is mean difference in the responses of the respondents based on the level of experience that effective management helps improve transportation efficiency in young shall grow motors Hypothesis 2 H0: There is no significant relationship between transportation and tourism development in Nigeria. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems, especially if it is not managed well. Globalizationis leading the creation of uniform standards and protocols. In fact the travel and tourism sector is growing steadily year on year, so it will be around as long as you want to stay with it. About five thousand year ago, changes in climate, dwindling food and shelter conditions hostile invaders made the people leave their homes to seek refuge elsewhere like the Ar… Of all the possible job options out there, careers in the travel and tourism industry are some of the best; and people of all ages and backgrounds, many with previous experience in various sectors, gravitate towards it. Online Booking Because of increasing air traffic, the commercial sector grows rapidly. CONTENT : ADVANTAGES OF TOURISM 7. Leisure time and disposable in come One of the real big advantages of working in the travel and tourism industry in Sydney is that it's easy to break into. These days we have cars with car conditioners, price reduction for families travelling with infants, etc. ADVERT SPACE !!! It has gained tremendous importance as nowadays more and more people prefer to go for the outing which was not the case a few years back and that is the reason why governments across the world promote tourism because more tourists would mean more foreign exchange for the country. Powered by, Badges  |  Income 7.2. Traveling dates back to the existence of man (Ashamu, 2007:19). Travel & Tourism provides opportunities for residents to benefit from the cultural heritage of their local communities and develop goods and services, crafts, local foods, music dance, storytelling and guiding services which are sought by tourists. One of the real big advantages of working in the travel and tourism industry in Sydney is that it's easy to break into. – Transportation tools and networks. Currently in Nigeria, there are many road transport companies competing for travelers; the competition is really much as we now have road transport companies going the extra mile to offer great services to their passengers in other to stay on top of the competition. Bearing in mind that transportation and tourism are both linked together, road transport seems to be the best as it has support services that promote tourism like fuel stations, auto mechanics and even rest facilities (Culpan 1987, 547). Recruiting News Recruiting Jobs Recruiting Social Network Human Resources. Public transport is nothing but… – Cope with the influx of tourists. Tourism gains importance as an activity which has far reaching positive impacts on industries, economy, society and therefore for the whole growth, progress and development of a country. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Reducing Poverty CONTENT : ADVANTAGES OF TOURISM 17. Socio-Cultural 6. Transportation helps in the wealth creation of an economy, even as it helps bring investors who will utilize the available resources of the nation; it equally helps in the exportation of goods and services. Transportation has been an integral part of the tourism industry; transportation links tourists with various tourist attractions. Tourism accessibility has evolved and became very much commercialized and developed. Tourism h… Every year, about a billion tourists … travel motivators). This study will be of immense benefit to other researchers who intend to know more on this topic and can also be used by non-researchers to build more on their work. Here, we explain 10 advantages and 10 disadvantages of traveling to help you make up your own mind. But for some, traveling can have more disadvantages than advantages. Plenty of travel and tourism jobs in Sydney. Whatever your personality you will find a niche that offers respect to you for simply being who you are. They are public transport and transport for non generic-use. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the advantages of virtual reality in the travel industry. The development of transportation, transportation vehicles, infrastructure and using new technologies in this sector speed up the development of tourism. However, in course of time, such movements were transformed into wanderlust. Though the major challenge of Nigerian roads being in deplorable state still poses a challenge, and that is why this study aims at examining the impact of transportation in the tourism industry. There's no need to worry about the market drying up and being thrown out of work. Transport plays a major part in the tourism industry, if there was no transport available nobody would be able to go on holidays or trips and the tourism industry wouldn’t be making as much money as they are now. Furthermore, not minding the current recession, the travel and tourism industry is contributing to help revive the economy. The travel industry has borne the brunt of the pandemic and innovation across all touchpoints using data and analytics will be key to attract customers in the post-Covid era. Report an Issue  |  Tweet Mass tourism, as it is known internationally could not have existed without inexpensive and easily accessible transportation. All you’ll need is a love for travel, good organizational skills and enjoy working with people. Without transport, the tourism sector would not be able to exist. So in tourism industry we find different modes of transports which consist of air, rail, road and water. (A CASE STUDY OF... SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS, THE PREVALENCE OF MALARIA SEROPOSITIVE AND SERONEGATIVE POPULATION AMONG KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY, MALETE STUDENTS. Tourism, as we know it today, was born in the 19th century following the Industrial Revolution, which made it possible to travel with leisure, leisure or social or cultural reasons. Of course, there are specialised jobs for those with extensive training in a specific field, but there are plenty of openings for new starters too, and don't forget there are opportunities to learn and move up the ladder. This is a great thing to see happening, especially as it means funds will be released to support training and development to get the many vacancies filled. The main aim of the research work is to examine the impact of transportation on tourism in Nigeria; other specific objectives of the study are stated below as follows: To examine the relationship between transportation and tourism development in Nigeria To determine the effect of transportation on the rate of patronage in most tourist centers in Nigeria To investigate the factors affecting the ease of transportation and the growth of tourism in Nigeria To examine the roles of management in transportation efficiency in young shall grow motors To examine the effect bad road on transportation in Nigeria To proffer solution to the above problem. 5 Benefits of a Degree in Travel & Tourism A degree in Tourism is the perfect gateway option for a person who wants to break the mould of a conventional life and gain valuable skills in the process. Novelty is a much-needed element in to… the importance of transportation to tourism development. While it's not great practice to constantly flit from job to job, the buoyant state of the industry means you are not forced to stay in a post that you don't suit, enjoy or get much of anything out of. Also, problem of inconsistent transport fares; it is a known fact that there is no agency that controls the rate of transport fare in Nigeria. Many places in the world rely heavily on tourism as a key source of income and employment. The development of air transport mostly occurred after World War I and II. 6. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Although there are, as with all types of work, some downsides to this kind of work, it's the impressive range of advantages which attract so many workers to travel and tourism jobs in Sydney; so here's a brief look at just eight of these. The advancement in air transport has improved drastically as compared to the mode of transportation in the early days. Also, we’re going try to give out a few ideas on how to use VR for your travel agency and tour business. The role played by transportation in tourism development remains controversial mainly because there are various schools of thoughts regarding its role in comparison with development. Privacy Policy  |  CONTRIBUTIONS OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT TOWARDS THE JOB SATISFACTION OF SECRETARIES. Transportation contributes in improving the standard of living of people because it helps to generate income for those who are into it and the residents of areas where this transport companies are situated (Lucas,1998). In addition, poor management of our transport system contributes to the problem of transportation in the tourism industry. With over 100K strong in our network, is part of the, LLC family of Recruiting and HR communities. Road transportation is a very common means of transportation among Nigerians. A share in the tips, incentive and general bonus schemes, discounted travel, or the chance to see something of the world are all typical perks of the travel and tourism job world. It's a fact that the Sydney travel and tourism industry has certainly come a long way in the last few decades, transforming from a job sector often perceived to be low paid, low opportunity and low kudos, to one brimming with positives and very definitely capable of attracting thousands of eager workers and providing a lasting and rewarding career. We are certainly believes that modern tourism can bring more advantages than disadvantages to popular tourist areas in terms of the culture, economic, environmental and society. Tourism holds huge potential for South Africa. Due to this, investors are discouraged from visiting tourist sites in Nigeria. The world has indeed shrunk and becomes a small village. In fact the travel and tourism sector is growing steadily year on year, so it will be around as long as you want to stay with it. Modish project is an organization aimed at facilitating students with their various research thesis materials, and also provide them with effective solutions in other academic concerns.Rely on us for a stress-free research project work, A-class academic materials, and easy guides through the course of your academic programme. Saunders believes domestic tourism can benefit more from sport tourism. Tourism refers to that activity in which people from different parts of the country and also people from different parts of the world visit a place which has plenty to offer to the tourists in terms of natural beauty. Travel is as old as mankind on the earth. What are the roles of management in transportation efficiency in young shall grow motors? Many tourists are discouraged due to the bad states of our roads. He added that it was in the course of traveling, tourism was discovered.Right from the prehistoric period to the Neolithic age precisely between 4000 and 5000 B.C, individuals traveled for the purpose of their safety and to fend for their needs. Tourism industry needs transports in other to take tourists from one place to another because the aim of the tourist is to reach the destination.