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Mental Health News

FYI      *T.K.E. HOLISTIC HEALTH & SOLUTION’S*     NEWS   Mental Health Screening Signals End Of Parental Rights > By Nancy Levant > The Sierra Times > 4th June, 2005. > > In the 2005-2006 school year, all parents will...

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FYI       T.K.E. HOLISTIC HEALTH SOLUTION’S      NEWS   (excerpt from Dr. Schulze’s newsletter)     DOCTORS, THE #1 CAUSE OF DEATH   The Horrifying Truth About Medicine, In the recent blockbuster science fiction movie Matrix...

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Rife Therapy

Royal  Raymond Rife HISTORY    How Do Frequency Instruments Work?  Rife discovered that every virus, bacterium, parasite and other pathogen is particularly sensitive to a specific “frequency” of sound and can be destroyed by intensifying that...

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What is a Holistic Practitioner?

 T.K.E. HOLISTIC HEALTH & SOLUTIONS   Today’s Knowledge and Education in Natural & Alternative Health and Preventative Medicine     What is a Holistic Practitioner? Holistic Practitioners are holistic healing professionals with a gift in...

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