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Benefits of Juicing

                                      Fresh Juice is Delicious!


Some people find it hard to believe that fresh vegetable juice can taste so amazingly good, especially if they’ve tasted those nasty bottled versions. Carrot juice is surprisingly sweet and children love it. Adding apple juice to vegetable juice gives you an amazing range of juice cocktails to experiment with and those new to juicing at home are delighted by the fresh natural flavours of raw juice. Spinach and apple is a UK Juicers favourite – honestly, it really is delicious and with all that chlorophyll and iron it’s a super-dose of top quality nutrition.

Why is Fresh Best?

Juicing raw fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to get the maximum benefit from these foods. The important point is that the juice is fresh and in its raw natural state, which means not treated by heat in any way. This is an important point distinguishing fresh juice from the varieties found packaged in stores and supermarkets. The best way of showing the advantages of raw fruit and vegetable juice is to take a closer look at the disadvantages of heat-treated or cooked foods.

Cooking Kills Your Food

Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes are all destroyed or transformed into a less beneficial state by heat. Cooked produce is not only less nourishing, there is considerable evidence to support the idea that some cooked foods are harmful. Don’t worry; get a juicer! Juicing gives you access to the goodness from far more fruit and vegetables than you could possibly eat and it is all in its raw, natural state. Five portions a day? With a juicer it couldn’t be easier!

Juicing Keeps You Healthy

There is evidence to support the cancer fighting and protective qualities of raw juices and foods. All those beneficial veggies like Broccoli and Carrots can be juiced. Therapies for treating serious illnesses that are based on nutrition usually include juicing. Sometimes these have proved successful where conventional medicine has offered little hope. This benefit of juicing is of particular significance to Nick Ledger, founder of UK Juicers. A common sense approach to natural nutrition has enhanced his general vitality and well being by halting the symptoms of a serious illness. Nick suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for several years. He recovered from the condition by completely transforming his eating habits to include raw fruit and vegetable juices, sprouts, and other raw foods. This direct experience of underpins UK Juicers’ commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Juicing Can Help With Weight Loss

Another great feature of introducing fresh juice into the diet is the effect it can have on physical appearance. Cooked food often leaves us depleted in terms of health and nutrition. If your body doesn’t get what it needs, it asks for more and if we eat even more cooked food to compensate we still remain short of the raw, natural nourishment we seek. Because raw juice provides us with a broad range of vital nutrients, these cravings for more food can be reduced and there can be a tendency to lose excess body fat as a consequence. With the increased vitality and energy that comes from juicing, exercise can also seem less of a chore!

Juicing is Common Sense

So by juicing we can increase our vitality, improve our physique and appearance, become more resistant to illness, put less strain on our digestive systems and provide ourselves with some of the best life insurance money can buy. At UK juicers we are completely convinced of the benefits of juicing through personal experience. If you are new to juicing, why not start giving your body the nourishment that it is designed for and experience those benefits for yourself?


*Excerpts from: UK JUICERS Ltd




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