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Depression via Constipation 

By Dr. Jennifer Daniels, & 


Anger, hate, unhappiness and depression are only a few of the emotions 

that often invade our lives, harming ourselves and the ones we love, as 

well as limiting our unique ability to grow and to evolve. 

Unfortunately, the clouds of depression and other so-called? Emotional 

Disorders? That canvas America today have led many to believe that it is 

Acceptable to numb the pains and symptoms of our? Illnesses? With drugs 

And other harmful therapies rather than addressing the root causes. 


Decades ago, negative thinking was referred to as? Stinking thinking? the 

Reason for this being depression’s link to constipation. Our brains are 

Programmed for happiness, as there are several types of 

Neurotransmitters which are made by the brain that facilitates and induces 

Various feelings. Happiness is one of these feelings, and in order for 

The body to make neurotransmitters, it needs enough B-vitamins and 

Minerals (only a few of the many key nutrients). If the human body goes 

Without the necessary supply of B-vitamins and minerals, it cannot 

Utilize glucose, often resulting in wide mood swings and depression, and 

If the brain has no access to any glucose or minerals, plain old 

Depression will more than likely develop. 


When someone is constipated, much of the residue from yesterday’s meals 

Remains in the intestines, hampering the absorption of nutrients 

Ingested in today’s meal as well as leading to toxicity. Regardless of 

How nutritious the meal is or how expensive the vitamins are, the 

Nutrients needed for the brain to function optimally are not fully             


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Absorbed when the body is constipated. In addition, long standing 

Constipation can result in an impermeable layer of toxins that line the 

Small intestine, preventing nutrients from getting to the rest of the body. 


If we delve deeper, looking to our brains and the interactions that lead 

To certain feelings and moods, we begin to realize how influential 

Constipation can be in our everyday lives and that it isn’t irrational 

To believe that the lack of frequent bowel movements can lead to 

Negative emotions. When an emotion is experienced, neurotransmitters are 

released, and seconds later, the cell reabsorbs it and another chemical 

comes along to destroy what was not reabsorbed. The emotional system of 

the body naturally ?resets? after each emotion as enzymes in the cell 

replenish the neurotransmitters to pre-emotion levels, readying the 

brain for the next emotion. This activity or mechanism of spontaneously 

resetting consumes a lot of B-vitamins and energy, and thus when 

B-vitamins are in short supply, it can lead to people having ?mixed? 

emotions, due to the neurotransmitter from the last emotion still hanging around. 


When someone is constipated, some of the chemicals in the intestine that 

are unable to exit into the toilet, are reabsorbed into the blood, which 

can spur depression and irritability. Furthermore, food that is eaten 

and not absorbed becomes food for bad bacteria. 


Depression is a special case of constipation. While moving the bowels 

is very helpful, many people have enhanced their results by taking 

activated charcoal once the goal of 3 bowel movements a day has been 

reached. The charcoal can actually augment the effectiveness of bowel 

movements by soaking up toxins that would otherwise get absorbed into 

the body and cause depression. 


Depression is also without a doubt very sensitive to the foods we eat. 

Food additives of any kind, such as artificial coloring, artificial 

flavoring, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides can all worsen 

depression. While the first step to improving depression is resolving 

constipation and having 3 bowel movements a day, further improvement can 

be achieved by reducing the amount of chemicals we ingest, increasing 

the amount of organic unprocessed foods in our diets and reducing the 

processed ones. 


Much research still needs to be conducted in this field, and hopefully 

with an ever-increasing number of people who refuse to wade blindfolded 

in a sea of ignorance, together we will shed more light on this and 

other issues of great importance in our lives. 

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Recipe to combat depression: 


This recipe involves several ingredients.  But it is well worth it!  A 

few bites of this dissipates negative moods and comfortably conquers 

constipation it can be frozen in 2X2 squares and eaten whenever the 

the need arises.  It makes 4 dozen muffins, 3 loaf pans or two 9×13 cake 

pans.  Since it is wheat, egg and dairy free, it is well tolerated. 


Banana Bread 

6 large bananas, peeled 

4 cups water or rice milk 

1 cup packed brown sugar or evaporated cane juice 

6 tablespoons grapeseed oil 

1/4 cups rice bran 

1/4 cup ground flax seed 

4 cups rolled oats 

6 cups oat flour 

1/4 tsp cloves 

1 tsp cardamom, ground 

1 tsp cinnamon 

2 tbs baking soda 

2 tbs baking powder 

1 cup shelled walnuts or pecans 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees 


Place bananas, brown sugar, and flax seed in a blender.   Blend until 

mixed well.  Add as much of the 4 cups of water as needed to make it 

pour easily from blender.  Pour into a large bowl.  Add remaining water 

and oil and mix well with a wooden spoon.  add 4 cups of oats and set aside. 


In another bowl, mix the remaining ingredients.  Add the wet 

ingredients to the dry ingredients.  Stir well with a wooden spoon. 


Cooking time varies with the container used.  Pick the time that 

matches the container you use. 


Spoon into well greased muffin tins and bake for 30 minutes.  Check for 

doneness and cook for additional time as needed. 


Pour into  well greased 9x 13 inch baking pan and cook for 45 minutes. 

Check for doneness and cook for additional time as needed. 

TKEhh/Dr. J. Daniels                                                                                                           Page: 4 


Pour into well greased 9 inch bread pan and cook for 1 hour.  Check for 

doneness and cook for additional time as needed. 


If you prefer sweeter bread, spread honey on the top. 


Bon appetite! 




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Jennifer Daniels, M.D., M.B.A is a graduate of Harvard University, the 

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and the Wharton School of 

Business. Dr. Daniels loves receiving email, so feel free to drop her a 

line at 




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