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seven sins of civilization



Nothing is so misleading as to think we

need salt for minerals (the best source of minerals are fruits and vegetables,

everything else is second rate or toxic to

the system).  Salt is undoubtedly the

number one health destroyer.  It’s the

leading cause of all heart and kidney

disease.  If one out of every two deaths in this country alone are attributed to heart disease, then it stands to reason

Salt is the #1 health destroyer – agreed?

Salt is a deadly inorganic substance and contains no organic mineral, vitamins, enzymes or nutrients.  It has a drying effect on the entire body and dries out the hair and scalp (other than stress,

Salt is the chief cause of baldness).



.  Waterlog the tissues

.  Robs calcium from the body

.  Paralyzes the 260 taste buds

.  Poisons the heart

.  Increases irritability of the nervous


.  Poisonous to all fowl

.  Causes high blood pressure


To show you how toxic salt is, chemically broken down (sodium chloride) is a lethal poison–stay away from it.  The reason why you drink so much water after you eat salt (or salt pills) is that your body is trying to wash the poison out of your stomach via the kidneys.  Once the salt is completely eliminated from the diet then normal natural eating habits are formed.  It will

take from one to three years to rid the body of the toxic poisons the salt caused



I couldn’t begin to tell you all the hazards of eating sugar.  Countless books and articles are written about this second health destroyer.


There’s nothing so expensive as ignorance in action, so gather more information about this lifeless health destroyer.



.  Is the leading cause of stress

.  Increases blood sugar level

.  Depletes all the B-vitamins

.  Causes loss of calcium from hair,

blood, bones, teeth, and main cause

of tooth decay in children.  This is

truly the second most deficient and

toxic food on the face of the earth.

Treat it as a poison!!

.   Develops high blood cholesterol

.   Cause arteriosclerosis (hardening of

the Arteries)

.   Over stimulates the production of

Insulin and alkaline digestive juices

.   Interferes with the absorption of

protein, calcium, and other minerals

.   Retards the growth of valuable

intestinal bacteria

.   A major contributor to diabetes and

causes injury to the pancreas in such

a way that it malfunctions with the

proper digestive juices and insulin

production.  Causes lack of energy

and fatigue.  It’s a downer!

.   Causes mental illness

.   Causes loss of memory






enriched flours

A very incomplete, depleted deficient food.  White grain is not natural.  As you know, or grains are bled white.  Use only whole grain flour-either homemade or from your local health food store.  Enriched flour causes constipation.  It forms acid in the body, which can not be neutralized by the secretions of the body.  Definitely throw this poison or products containing enriched flours in the trash.  Enriched flour causes as many ailments as salt and sugar including constipation.



You will find these oils in margarines, butters, shortenings, peanut butters, and canned goods packed in oil.  Avoid fried foods at restaurants, lards, etc.  I never recommend using oils because of the length of time for digestion.  They coat the stomach walls and intestines to block off all possible ways to get the nutrients out of the food plus your digestive juices can’t do their job of breaking the food down.  But if you are persistent in using  oils–make them cold pressed natural oils (found at most health food stores) and only use safflower, sesame, olive, soya, corn, avocado, walnut, peanut, sunflower seed, almond or apricot oil.  Read labels on every food you buy.  If hydrogenated oil is in the product the law requires that it be written on the label.  Think about this one now.  There’s no way your body can use hydrogenated oils as it takes a temperature of 300 or more just to break them down and since your body is 98.6, it’s absurd to think of eating them.  These oils definitely cause obesity, diarrhea, and malnutrition.



Milk and Milk products are a no-no.  The only three milk products I suggest are: Soya; seed and nut milks (including coconut milk); and mother’s breast milk

(for nursing).  Milk is a national menace and its drinkers are always full of mucus, coughs, headaches, colds and flu.  Remember that pasteurization is for the purpose of keeping bad milk in a saleable condition!  Mother’s breast milk is high in phosphorous (a brain food) and cow’s milk is high in calcium (for bone structure).  The human baby6 develops its brain first while the cow develops its bone structure first.  So you see it’s absurd to feed on cows milk especially for an infant!


Also, cow’s milk is 300 times as potent in casein, which furnishes a number of amino acids for supplying the protein molecules to build bone structure that will carry the body’s weight as mother’s milk–a human develops twice its weight in seven months while a cow develops twice it weight in seven weeks, thus mother’s milk for babies and cow’s milk for cows, agreed?




.   Causes arteriosclerosis

.   Increases blood cholesterol

.   Produces pyorrhea

.   Causes obesity

.   Coats the stomach–bad digestion

.   Causes all kinds of allergies and is not fit for human infants.  Milk after weaning is abnormal.





Flesh is the dead carcasses of animals, birds and fish.  If you eat living foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains, they are alive with an abundant supply of nutrients and energy.



.   Flesh eating animals have a short

bowel to enable them to expel rapidly

the putrefactive flesh, while man has

a long and complicated alimentary

tract to enable plant nutrients to be

slowly and properly taken up.

.   Flesh eaters have a different type of

intestinal bacteria from the non-flesh

eaters.  Man falls in the second


.   Man’s saliva contains ptyalin (to

commence starch digestion); flesh-

eating animals have no ptyalin.

.   Flesh eaters have large livers but

man has only a comparatively small


.   Those who eat flesh are far more

likely to contract cancer than those

following a vegetarian diet.

.   The risk of contracting breast cancer

is 3.8 times greater for women who

eat meat daily.

.   The risk of fatal prostate cancer is

3.6 times greater for men who

consume meat, cheese, eggs, and

milk daily as compared with

sparingly or not at all.

.   Meat eaters ingest excessive amounts

of cholesterol, making them

dangerously susceptible to heart


.   The animals raised for meat in the

United States are diseased.  The

livestock industry attempts to

control this disease by feeding the

animals antibiotics.

.   Of all the antibiotics used in the

U.S., 55% are fed to livestock.

.   Unknown to most meat-eaters, U.S.

produced meat contains dangerously

high quantities of deadly pesticides.




You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.   Negative thinking

is always expensive – dragging us down mentally, emotionally and physically – hence we refer to any idulgence in it as a luxury.  However, if you have the symptoms of a life-threatening illness  – be it AIDS, heart trouble, cancer, high blood pressure or any others – negative thinking is a luxury you can no longer afford.

Positive thoughts (joy, happiness, fulfillment, achievement, and worthiness) have positive results (enthusiasm, calm, well being, ease, energy, and love).  Negative thoughts (judgment, unworthiness, mistrust, resentment, and fear) produce negative results (tension, anxiety, alienation, anger, and fatigue).



.   Negative thinking helps provide the

opportunity.  The infection does the

rest.  Once it takes root, however, it

spreads quickly depending on how

much manure we give it from that

great fertilizer generator, negative


.   Negative thinking suppresses the

immune system, raises blood pressure

and creates a level of stress and

fatigue in the body.  In short,

infections, cardiovascular

irregularities, the degeneration of

muscles and the random growth of

unwanted cells get more opportunity.

.   From our thoughts we create a point

-of- view, worrying about a particular

disease tends to create that disease.

The thought, “Oh my God, It’s

cancer!” every time you cough might

be misinterpreted as an invitation or

even a directive.

.   Tens of thousands of cancer patients,

whose cancers are in “spontaneous

remission” for years, know why.


They changed their thinking, and

the thinking changed the course of

the Cancer (Bad-Cells).


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