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The Digestive System

Essential nutrients from the foods you eat are delivered to every part of your body.  Before that distribution, digestion must take place.  The digestive system consists of several organs that play the important role of changing the food into usable fuel for all the body’s cells.

If the digestive system is not working properly, one can experience discomfort because the body is being robbed of nutrients needed for good health.  It is crucial to understand that it is important to keep the digestive system in tune–that is, good working order.

Digestive System Breakdown:

The Mouth is mentioned first because it is the first part of the digestive system.  Food is chewed in the mouth and salivary enzymes begin breaking the food down for body fuel.

The Liver is a large organ which makes bile (which breaks down fats) and some blood proteins. It also filters toxins from the blood.

The Gall Bladder stores and releases bile into the small intestine.

The main purpose of the Large Intestine is to pass any remaining essential nutrients into your bloodstream and to store and then eliminate waste.

The Esophagus–the connection between the mouth and the stomach–uses rhythmic muscle movements to force the food from your throat into the stomach.

The Stomach is where a majority of the digestion takes place.  This is where the food mixes with acids and enzymes to continue the process of breaking it down.

The Pancreas has enzymes that help in the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the small intestine. Insulin and glucagon are produced here.

The Small Intestine—There are three main sections that make up the small intestine:

  1. The Duodenum—continues to beak down food into liquids
  2. The Jejunum—absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream
  3. The Ileum—assists the Jejunum to provide nutrients to the bloodstream

The Rectum—The rectum is the lower part of the large intestine.  Waste is stored here before leaving the body.





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