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VITAMINS—natural, whole complex, or pharmaceutical products?


You have the same misconception about labeling that almost all doctors do.  All nutritional supplements that list vitamins and minerals on the label are pharmaceutical products.  The nutrition industry is one of the most dishonest industries in the world.  They work so hard to brainwash and mislead their customers.  For example, you buy a vitamin C product and it says vitamin C from rose hips, 100 mg. and that is what you think is in it.  But what is really in it is 100mg. of ascorbic acid (in a pharmaceutical grade) that is in a base of rose hips.  They want you to believe that it is pure rose hips but it is really 100 mg. of ascorbic acid, with maybe 1 mg. of vitamin C from actual rose hips.


Synthetic and natural – these forms do not mean what people commonly believe.  Synthetic vitamins are natural.  The word synthetic does not mean plastic or artificial or fragmented.  Synthetic means synthesized.  For example, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is synthesized by bacteria feeding on the 5-carbon sugar ribose.


The fact that in stating your question you used the word “chemicals” as a derogatory word, shows that through no fault of your own (you are almost certainly a product of the socialized American education system) you are scientifically illiterate.  Nothing about the word chemical means in any way unnatural or unhealthy.  Your very body is comprised 100% of chemicals, and they are all perfectly “natural”.  The vitamins that you worry about being “synthesized in labs” are every bit as natural as the vitamins found in steak, eggs, or carrots.  For example, vitamin B2

(riboflavin) is synthesized in the lab by bacterial action on the all natural 5 carbon sugar ribose.  In other words, natural nutrients are synthesized in the lab exactly the same as they are “synthesized” in God’s green earth.


So, be happy that you’ve got a fantastic source of all natural vitamins in your products plus the ability to apply them with clinical specificity, and, eat your vegetables instead of trying to get them from a  pill, which is nothing more than an insignificant quantity of “whole food.”



This information sheet is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.  We do not make any claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific medical ailments. Any reader should consult a licensed physician and The Great Physician (God) in all matters relating to medical problems. Here at T.K.E. Holistic Health and Solution’s our mission is to educate one’s Mind to help the Body come into a Spiritual balance so it can heal itself through prayer, a proper diet, exercise, good nutrition, and good clean water. So Make The Life Style Change or Modification Today, Save Your Own Self-Soul it’s God’s Natural Way.


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