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Whole Grain Nutrition: Harvest the Benefits!

Imagine that your children ate mainly candy… for years. Imagine that you did, too. Imagine an entire nation on a candy diet. Imagine the health consequences.

Natural whole grains contain a myriad of health-essential nutrients, from proteins to vitamins and amino acids. But “white flour” consists only of the endosperm of the wheat kernel. In its natural form the endosperm provides wholesome energy, but it’s the least nutrient-rich part of the grain. Removed are the nutrient-packed bran, wheat germ, and wheat germ oil. Then to make it extra white, industrial processors go further, chemically bleaching it, and returning just enough of a few vitamins to stave off beriberi and rickets. They’re allowed to call the end product “Enriched Flour” but a truthful label would read “Impoverished Flour.” This snow white, de-nutritionalized substance is a commodity worth billions of dollars annually to its merchandisers because of one peculiar and commercially useful characteristic: Unlimited shelf life. No matter how long it sits in the mass distribution channel, it can’t “go bad” because there’s nothing left in it to go bad. A few companies have grown enormously rich marketing this pseudo-food on the basis of convenience, ease, and its “dazzling white” look. But a blind eye was turned to the consequences of replacing real whole grain flour with something that looks special, yet is virtually devoid of nutrition… in essence, candy. So widely has this nutritional travesty become accepted that we call it — and think of it as — wheat flour. But to depart further from natural grain flour would scarcely be possible. Then to make matters worse, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, appetite stimulants and preservatives are added to many of our foods. “Artificial” tells you those things aren’t natural… but have you ever wondered what they actually are, then? And what the unintended side effects of those complex counterfeit compounds might mean to your body?

The human body is an absolute marvel… Science has a long way to go to understand a tenth of how we work. But as capable and as resilient as our bodies are, common sense and history taught that we need wholesome, nutritious food to stay healthy and strong. The denatured by-products being mass marketed today don’t provide us with what we need, because they’ve been profoundly altered by processes in which real nutrition is considered last, or not at all.

There’s a solution to this problem. By grinding grains in your kitchen and using the whole grain flour while it’s fresh, you get the nutrition needed for strength and health. You also get far tastier food, with genuine character — incomparably more satisfying than today’s mass marketed, real-food-wannabees. Soon after transitioning to whole grains, putting out a plate of white styro-bread again will elicit comments like “What’s this and where’s the good stuff?!”

Making REAL food is more than “doable”… it’s downright fun, with equipment from Pleasant Hill Grain! A high speed self cleaning grain mill like the Nutrimill is the place to start. And to make whole grain bread quickly, easily and with consistently wonderful results, nothing beats the Bosch Universal Kitchen Center… a mixer capable of both mixing and kneading bread that’s ready to pop in the oven — quickly and without hand kneading. These machines make it easy to turn the corner to a far better and more enjoyable way of eating!

The Great Grain Robbery: Seeing is Believing!

Seeing the Story: Want to show your family and friends just what they’re being “shorted” by eating food made with “white flour”? Here’s the ideal tool to put things in proper perspective. The first of the six vials in this set contains whole wheat kernels, recognized throughout history as the “staff of life.” At the opposite end is bleached white flour… as gleaming and nutritionless as industrial science can make it.

The four middle vials showcase the nutitional riches that present day, commercial millers sacrifice on the alter of indefinite shelf life: The bran, middlings, wheat germ, and wheat germ oil, where virtually all the goodness of the whole grain resides. None of that goodness remains in white flour — but you can have it all, by making your own fresh flour from whole grains with a convenient, modern grain mill in your home kitchen!

*Excerpts from: Pleasant Hill Grains

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