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Seven Sins of Civilization

  seven sins of civilization   salt Nothing is so misleading as to think we need salt for minerals (the best source of minerals are fruits and vegetables, everything else is second rate or toxic to the system).  Salt is undoubtedly the number one...

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T.K.E. HOLISTIC HEALTH & SOLUTIONS Today’s Knowledge and Education In Natural & Alternative Health and Preventative Medicine F.Y.I. DANGER! DANGER! TOXIC SPILL “If such precautions are needed to be taken on the outside, then what is it...

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T.K.E. HOLISTIC HEALTH AND SOLUTIONS Today’s Knowledge and Education In Holistic and Preventive Medicine   *For Your Natural Health and Spiritual Well-Being*_  c/o P.O Box 5512  Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.  Postal Zone 44101 Office: 216-322-1128 ...

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