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Aminolase TPA 30


Maximize the benefits of your protein supplement.

Aminolase TPA represents a breakthrough in protein nutrition and supplementation. Ideal for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and anyone with an active lifestyle, Aminolase will support healthy muscle mass, muscle recovery and completely change the way we use and digest protein.
Aminolase should be taken with protein rich foods and dietary supplements including: whey, milk, casein, soy, pea, and hemp protein. These supplements are some of the richest sources of all nine essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce on its own; however, all protein must first be digested and broken down into a usable form, which includes essential amino acids and beneficial peptides (i.e., Di and Tri-peptides).
In order for protein to be used for muscle building, recovery and immune function, it must be broken down into a smaller particle size within 90 minutes of consumption.2 This transit time represents the time from which protein passes from the stomach through the small intestine where digestion and absorption primarily occurs; from there it can be assembled into muscle building protein (a bio-usable form).3 Protein that has not been digested within this 90 minute window will move into the large intestine where it will be broken down; however, since bacterial counts are so high in the large intestine and colon, protein broken down here will be consumed by bacteria and not absorbed by the user. When these bacteria break down protein, large amounts of gas are produced. This will cause the user to experience abdominal discomfort, including bloating and possibly even diarrhea. Additionally, since absorption of nutrients in the large intestine is so low, protein that has not been consumed by bacteria will simply be excreted from the body, resulting in increased digestive stress and wasted amino acids. This can be seen as essentially pouring your expensive protein down the toilet.

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Decreased Occasional Stomach Discomfort – An Added Benefit
When dietary protein is not broken down into its smallest components, large peptides are created that can cause stomach discomfort such as bloating, nausea and cramping. These symptoms should not be confused with food intolerances; generally, the underlying cause of protein-induced stomach discomfort is peptide sensitivity. Aminolase breaks down these large peptides, reducing the potential for discomfort that often comes from consuming protein supplements or dietary protein


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