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Nettle Tea


Nettles long-standing use as an anti-inflammatory aid for rheumatism and arthritis has been confirmed with clinical research. In several clinical studies (including a randomized double-blind placebo trial) nettle leaf extracts were documented with anti-inflammatory actions as well as to be beneficial (and better than placebo) at relieving arthritis pain and inflammation in humans. Research suggests that nettles anti-inflammatory actions are attributed to its ability to interrupt the production and actions of inflammation-producing immune cells in the body (cytokines, prostaglandins and leukotreines). Another randomized double-blind study was performed on nettle in 1990 which confirmed its traditional uses for allergies and rhinitis (a common inflammatory disorder causing sneezing, nasal congestion and discharge and itchy skin and often triggered by allergies). In this study with 69 patients, nettle extract again rated higher than placebo: 58% reported it relieved most all their symptoms and 48% stated it was more effective than other over-the-counter medications. It was still being confirmed as a beneficial treatment for rhinitis 10 years later when researchers then suggested the same sort of inflammatory immune cell suppression was responsible for the documented effects.

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