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New Wave Barrier Twist Filter Pitcher Arsenic Reduction Cartridge


New Wave Barrier Twist Filter Pitcher System
Drinking Water Filter
Enjoy an inexpensive, portable option for filtered water.
So you want filtered water, but you dont have space to permanently attach something to your faucet. Or maybe your body screams for better water but your budget has a need for frugality. Our water filter pitchers were designed to give you the great-tasting, filtered water you crave at a price your wallet will love.

SKU: TKE-NewWaveEnviro-NewWaveBarrierTwistFilterPitcherArsenicReductionCartridge Category: Product ID: 1460


Filter cartridge lasts 80 gallons/ 200 uses
All replacement cartridges are compatible with all Barrier Filter Pitcher Systems
BPA-free and dishwasher safe
Cartridge replacement reminder
Replace half as often so half the price
Certified and tested safe by the WQA


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