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Novequin PET


Novequin PET is a blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes specially formulated to keep your pets sensitive digestive system happy and working well.
By providing these essential nutrients, Novequin PET is able to optimize intestinal and gut health as well as maximize overall immune function and well-being of your pet at any age.
Just like humans, your pet is confronted with physical strain and stress every day which can impact his digestion. This is especially true since the digestive system and microbiome (contained within the digestive system) are the main immune barriers within the body. Since the majority of immune challenges are dealt with by the digestive system, your pet may be in need of additional supplementation in order to effectively eradicate these problems. Some of these stressors include eating grass and sticks, dietary changes or allergies. Even leaving your pet home alone can cause anxiety that can easily tip the delicate balance of good vs. bad bacteria which will lead to a decline in health and happiness.
You can help your pet by introducing Novequin PET, a blend probiotics and digestive enzymes specially formulated to keep his sensitive digestive functioning at the most optimal level. Supplementing with Novequin floods your pets system with good bacteria (probiotics); probiotic therapy has been clinically shown to be safe and effective for boosting overall health and improving digestion and absorption. Even traditional veterinarians are now recommending probiotics as a prophylactic to their four-legged clients.

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Suggested Use
Directions:For best results, add Novequin PET to wet or dry food as directed in the following dose chart, or as directed by your Veterinarian.
Dosing: Add Novequin PET to wet or dry food as directed below:
Animal Weight
0-5 pounds
to 1 Scoop
1-2 Times Daily
6-25 pounds
to 1 Scoop
1-3 Times Daily
26-75 pounds
1 to 2 Scoops
2-3 Times Daily
76-150 pounds
2 to 3 Scoops
2-4 Times Daily
For larger animals or livestock, use Novequin DPF.


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