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Serrtia is the world’s strongest Serrapeptase with a minimum activity of 250,000 SPU’s per dose.
Originally discovered in the intestine of silkworms, the proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase is harnessed by Arthur Andrew Medical through the isolation of the microorganism, Serratia E-15. Serrtia has a variety of different benefits that may help with the following:

Promote healthy sinus activity*

Provide relief from pain and muscle soreness due to over-exertion*

Recovery aid for strenuous activity*
Serrtias Use for SportsRecovery
NSAIDs do an effective job of masking pain and inflammation, however merely masking the aforementioned symptoms, may prolong recovery.* The use of systemic enzymes such as Serrtia, may provide an additional choice for supporting normal recovery from strenuous activity.*
In Europe the overall use of systemic enzymes has been far more widespread than in the United States. In Germany in particular, systemic enzymes have been actively used for decades and are even used by the German National Hockey to support physical health.*
German Dr. M. W. Kleine and his team at the Sports Medicine Investigation Center in Grumwald, Germany, decided to look at 100 athletes in order to determine the effectiveness of proteolytic enzymes. Dr. Kleine took each subject and removed two cubic cm of blood from their anticubital vein. By reinserting the blood under the skin on each subjects right forearm, Dr. Kleine and his team were able to reproduce a hematoma (blood clot). 50 of the subjects were then given placebo pills, while the other 50 subjects were given proteolytic enzymes; each subject taking one pill three times a day. The results speak for themselves: 35 or 70% of the 50 subjects that had been treated with enzymes reported considerably less discomfort, normal inflammation, and a shorter lasting amount of discomfort to appliedpressure than their placebo counterparts.*

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Suggested Use
Directions:Take Serrtia with 8 oz of water on an empty stomach, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Larger amounts may be divided into 2 or 3 doses per day.*
Maintenance: 1-2 Capsules per day.*
Increased Support: 3-4 Capsules per day.*
Therapeutic: 4-6 Capsules per day.*
Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants or if you are pregnant or nursing.
When is the best time to take Serrtia?
For best results, take the product at least one hour prior to eating and/or two hours after a meal.
Can I take Serrtia with other supplements?
Serrtia can be used safely with other dietary supplements. In fact, it is recommended that it be taken in conjunction with Neprinol or Syntol for additional proteolytic and fibrinolytic support.
How long does it take for Serrtia to work?
Although every person is different, some have reported feeling the effects of systemic enzymes in as little as 45 minutes. For therapeutic regimens, the progression may be slow for some and quicker for others. Serrapeptase has been clinically shown to thin mucosal secretions and limit pain due to injury. These effects are typically noticed within a very short time frame, though the other benefits of taking Serrtia on a regular basis are boundless and will progress with time.


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