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The Horrifying Truth About Medicine, In the recent blockbuster science fiction movie Matrix, intelligent machines keep us brainwashed and in pods our whole lives and just use our body as a battery to supply them electricity.  In reality Hospitals, Medical Doctors and the Junk Food industry are much, much worse.


Doctors keep us brainwashed, stupid, ignorant and promote us to continue to live a degenerative lifestyle, so we will stay sick and keep coming back to the hospital.  I heard it from every one of my patients that came to see me after some major surgery.  The doctors always told these patients to go back to their normal life, normal eating habits, to go out and enjoy themselves, enjoy their lives.  To literally go back to the same lifestyle that caused their heart attack, cancer, gall bladder attack, the same lifestyle that caused their disease in the first place.


Most Americans today are nothing more than human batteries for the multi-trillion dollar medical and junk food industry.  We work hard to make money to pay for sugar, fast food, alcohol, tobacco that we know makes us sick.  Then living this sickly life we give what little we have left to medicine and insurance companies.  We are literally a human battery supplying energy to these industries.


“Doctors promote you to continue living an ignorant, unhealthy life because they know that it will continue to break down your body which will keep you addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, medical procedures and hospitalization for the rest of your life.”


In America today medicine and junk food has got us coming and going.  Eating and living bad makes us sick and then we go to doctors to patch us up so we can continue to consume more of what is killing us.  This is why fast food hamburger chains build children’s cancer hospitals and tobacco giants give millions of dollars to medical research.  Doctors would never cut off the hand that literally feeds them, they would rather cut off your hand.  Doctors are not stupid.  They know what you did that caused your disease, but if they tell you, you would get healthy and they would never see you again.  Doctors don’t want you to heal yourself, they don’t want you to live a healthy lifestyle and be educated in how to treat and heal yourself and your family from disease.  A patient healed is a customer lost.  This Medical reality is worse than any science fiction!


A few years ago an ex-patient of mine, a CEO of a major California investment bank helped to sneak me into an insider gala event held by one of the biggest Corporate Hospital Groups in America.  It was attended by chief medical doctors that ran the individual hospitals and investment bankers.  Sitting there in my tuxedo I heard the CEO of this entire organization, that owns over 400 of the biggest hospitals in the U.S. start his speech by saying “running a hospital is like running a whore house, you can’t make money unless you can keep all the beds full.”  Does that give you an idea of the kind of lowlife scum your doctor and hospitals are.





PLEASE, for yourself and your family, open your eyes and see that the emperor has no clothes on and that you have been brainwashed by the biggest con job in history.  Just because something is big, powerful, accepted, DOESN’T MEAN IT WORKS, DOESN’T MEAN ITS VALID.  Medicine is the largest money making business in America, over at trillion dollar a year industry.  These greedy butchers are preying on you and your family, and your life savings and won’t stop until they kill you and take every last penny you have.


PLEASE, this is the new millennium, don’t be a human battery for medicine and Junk food.  Don’t work hard your whole life just to supply power to these industries.  Join my crusade and free yourself and your loved ones.





At the beginning of this new millennium it is very important that we take a good, long, hard, cold look at modern medicine.  It is time that we stopped lining up like sheep to the slaughter.  It is time that we stopped giving doctors our entire life savings.  It is time that we stopped supporting this trillion dollar business.  It is time that we stop them before it’s too late.  It is time for us to stop being victims to disease, take responsibility, and create healthy lives.  It is time for all of us to GET WELL.


At the most recent American Medical Association (AMA) policy-making convention, medical doctors pressured the FDA to make much harsher regulations on nutritional and herbal products.  The AMA said that how to use vitamins, minerals, and herbal products is unclear and therefore dangerous to the public.


In 1999 hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed and maimed with pharmaceuticals drugs.  To the contrary, the AMA could only report 16 deaths supposedly from taking vitamins

and herbs.  Here we have the AMA again trying to destroy Natural Medicine and using the strong arm of the federal government.






Medical Doctors currently KILL over 1 Million People every year in America in their lethal attempts to KILL disease.  The practice of medicine is now the leading cause of death in the U.S.


Maybe we should start focusing on CREATING HEALTH with NATURE and let this miraculous body of ours do whatever killing of disease that’s necessary.


In 1900 only 1 out of 25 people got cancer.  Today, it is 1 out of 3, almost 1 out of 2.  Many authorities believe that within the next 10 years EVERYONE will get Cancer in their lifetime.


100 years of Medicine has proven that you can’t poison a person well.


In 1971 President Nixon and the American Government declared a “War on Cancer”.  Since then we have given hundreds of billions of tax dollars to medical groups and drug companies and the




best treatment they have come up with in 29 years is to inject lethal chemical poisons  (chemotherapy) into your blood, hope it kills the cancer before it kills you, and then burn and carve the cancer off your body.  Many statistics now show that you will live longer by just letting the cancer grow untreated because the medical treatment kills you quicker than the cancer.  The U.S. Governments own statistical study showed no benefit whatsoever from chemotherapy even though its use has increased.


My patients create EXTREME health and the cancer RAN out of their bodies.


More people will die this year from Heart Disease and Stroke then ever before in history.


Heart disease and Stroke is a disease of the fork, an eating disorder.  The average American eats 12 entire 3,000 pound cows, 6 entire pigs, 3,000 birds, 3,000 fish and over 10,000 gallons of milk in their lifetime.  This sludge blocks important arteries and kills us.  Medicine believes you are a stupid moron and would rather cut your chest in half for $150,000 every 10 years than eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.


The medical treatment for Diabetes, insulin, is now proven to actually weaken and atrophy the pancreas and make you drug dependent forever.


I have thousands of patients that threw away their insulin and now live a healthy normal life.


Hormone Replacement Therapy for menopausal women has been found to be the cause for many female cancers.  It causes up to a 15 times increase in breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and other cancers.


Estrogen drugs are made from Horse Piss, not a very healthy food for the human body.


For over 20 years, telethons have raised billions of dollars to find a cure for numerous Neuromuscular Diseases.  Absolutely no cures have ever been found and more people have these diseases today than ever before in history.


No magic bullet pill cures have ever been found for any disease nor will be.  The only cure for any disease is creating a healthy lifestyle that encourages your body to heal itself.


Almost every adult male in America will need to have prostate surgery in their lifetime.  This surgery requires a drill like cutting or burning device to be inserted up into the penis, and often you end up with some type of impotency.  Almost every adult female has uterine fibroid growths.  BPH (Benign Prostate HyperGrowth and Fibroids have been directly linked to eating Animal Food.


Americans have the highest rate of Digestive, Colon and Rectal Cancer and Disease than any country in the world, and medical books now state say that EVERY American has some type of colon disease.  Americans have an average of 4 bowel movements a week, that’s up to 70,000 bowel movements short in their lifetime.


The incidence of Immune system diseases is higher now than ever before in history.  We still have all the old ones with an increase in new ones.  The indiscriminant prescribing of Antibiotics by doctors has created new, resistant and lethal mutant bacteria like Flesh Eating Bacteria.




Also more Americans now have viruses than ever before in history including Hepatitis, Epstein Barr, Herpes, HIV and AIDS.  All of these infections are directly linked to the practice of medicine.




The future is one of aggressive mutant bacteria and virus.  Cures will never be found, and even if they were the pathogens mutate and adapt too quickly.  The only sure defense is a strong offense, living a healthy lifestyle which builds a strong, powerful, protecting and defensive immune system.


We are more sterile and impotent than ever before in history.  More men than ever before can’t get an erection (Viagra) and even if they can more women than ever before aren’t fertile needing in vitro fertilization.


83% of all medical fertility treatment fails because doctors are ignoring natures warning and going against what nature is trying to do.  Whether in humans, animals or plants, nature weeds out the weak in order to create and make room for stronger future generations by causing sterility.  Losing our ability to procreate is a very serious reflection of poor health.  All of my patients who wanted babies but couldn’t, ended up having them after my treatment, GETTING HEALTHY, it worked every time.


Childhood immunizations have been proven to be dangerous.  There was never a child with autism before inoculations and this disease is now directly linked to vaccinations.  There is also a 75% higher rate of childhood diabetes and asthma in children who are inoculated not to mention numerous other diseases.  Injecting diluted lethal puss from infected pig organs into newborn babies was a bad idea.  Breast feeding is a good one.


It is now known that the only organ in the human body that can manufacture the antibody against the poliomyelitis virus is the tonsils.  It is now known that the massive polio epidemic in the 1940’s and 1950’s occurred because of the medical campaign to remove tonsils in the 1920’s 1930’s and 1940’s.  medical doctors even had family packages to save money and cut out all your kids tonsils at once, thus removing the child’s only defense mechanism against polio.  To combat the polio epidemic that doctors created they developed a vaccine from dead pigs rotten organs.  In the 1970’s it was recalled from use because with modern microscopes they found 149 other virus living in the vaccine.  It was too late, millions of children were vaccinated.  Just one of the hidden virus is named the SV-40 virus and it is now found inside most all cancer cells and the rate of cancer has skyrocketed since the use of the polio vaccine.  I often wonder how much healthier we would all be if medicine never existed.  Sure a few more would be dead, but millions more would be alive.


How about in this new century we abandon 99% of all medicine and just keep the 1% where medicine excels, life saving emergency trauma surgery.  It would be really easy to do, we could

do it overnight, all you have to do is stop going to your doctor, stop going into your drugstore, don’t walk in the hospital and the next thing you will notice is they will all disappear.  All it really takes is all of us taking responsibility for our own health.  All we have to do is stop killing ourselves and doing things that make us sick and start creating a healthy lifestyle.  All the medicine we need has been given to us by God and nature and is right in your own backyard.  The future of health in America?  It’s up to us.








In fact your Doctor and Hospitals are the #1 Cause of Death and Disease in America today.  That’s right, according to mortality statistics over 1 million people in America die each year from what is called Iatrogenic Disease and Death.  Iatros is the Greek word for physician and Genic for created or the beginning, in other words Physician Created Death.  MEDICAL DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS ARE KILLING OVER 1 MILLION PEOPLE EVERY YEAR, MORE PEOPLE EACH YEAR THAN ANY OTHER DISEASE, more than Cancer, more than Heart Disease, more than AIDS, more than NeuroMuscular Diseases, More than Hepatitis, Alzheimer’s.  Arthritis, Diabetes, Infections, more THAN ANYTHING ELSE.


I grew up during the Vietnam War and was an active anti-war activist.  I had many childhood friends that grew up to die in that war and some are still missing in action.  I remember that during the height of the war, 5,000, maybe even 6,000 young men and women were killed each year.  This caused massive demonstrations in America, civil unrest, RIOTING IN THE STREETS.  At one point they arrested me and over 300,000 other demonstrators in Washington, D.C., so many that they had to put us in a sports arena.  Eventually this very unpopular war provoked the removal of the President and the Vice President of the United States.  All because of 5,000 or 6,000 deaths a year.  Today Medical Doctors and Hospitals are killing over a MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR and we are just sitting back and doing nothing.  In fact, medical doctors will kill more Americans THIS YEAR than died in EVERY WAR WE HAVE EVER BEEN IN including the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm.  In the near future we will look back into what Doctors did in the last 50 years to heal disease as the Dark Ages of Medicine.


The new millennium is here.  It is time for you to decide once and for all.  Lie back and let the doctors addict your body to chemicals and medical procedures and give them your life savings, or learn to stand on your own two feet and be healthy.  It’s time you stopped taking drugs, stopped seeing your doctor, stopped going to the hospital, and took your health and the health of your family into your own hands.










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