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Mental Health Screening Signals End Of Parental Rights
> By Nancy Levant
> The Sierra Times
> 4th June, 2005.
> In the 2005-2006 school year, all parents will receive written notice
> of new policies from your children’s schools. Many schools will ask
> you to sign permission slips, allowing school counselors or
> “advocates” to have conversations with your children. You will be told
> how your local schools are now involved in vision and dental
> screenings, learning disabilities and speech impediment
> screenings, and other acts of kindness, but watch for the small print
> or the extra little blurb, which states that your children will also
> be evaluated for emotional wellness. Watch for wording like “happiness
> indicators” or “family participation.”
> The fact is that our President has mandated that every American child,
> age 3 through 18, is federally ordered to be evaluated for mental
> health issues and to receive “enforced” treatment. Welcome to
> President Bush’s New Freedom Initiative and New Freedom Commission on
> Mental Health. Welcome to life-long profiling and drug addictions, New
> Freedom-style.
> 52 million students and six million adults working in schools,
> according to this commission, will be tested and should flush out at
> least 6 million people, or shall we say new customers, who will then
> be mandated to receive “treatment.” What treatment does our
> president’s commission have in mind? The newest drugs in the
> pharmaceutical pipelines, of course. The commission recommends
> “specific medications for specific conditions.”
> One of the state-of-the-art treatments, and most expensive, is an
> implanted capsule yes, that’s right, implanted. The capsule delivers
> medication into a child’s body without the child having to swallow a
> pill or the need for parental permission for dispensation.
> The New Freedom Commission named the Texas Medication Algorithm
> Project (TMAP) a model treatment plan. Medical algorithms are a
> flowchart-style treatment indicator. If you have A symptom and B
> symptom, take C medication. TMAP began with the University of Texas,
> big pharma, and the mental health and corrections system in Texas. The
> American Psychiatric Association concurs that TMAP is brilliant.
> However, the New Freedom Initiative and Commission is a political-big
> pharma marriage. Many companies who supported TMAP were also major
> contributors to Bush’s re-election funds. For example, Eli Lilly
> manufactures olanzapine – one of the drugs recommended in the New
> Freedom plan, and furthermore, George Herbert Walker Bush was once a
> member of Lilly’s board of directors. Our current President Bush
> appointed Lilly’s chief
> executive officer, Sidney Taurel, as a member of the Homeland Security
> Council. Eighty-two percent of Lilly’s $1.6 million in political
> contributions in 2000 went to Bush and the Republican Party. Do tell…

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  • Texas Algorithm grossed over 4 billion dollars in 2003 and olanzapine
    > is Eli Lilly’s top selling drug. A 2003 New York Times article by
    > Gardiner Harris claims that 70 percent of olanzapine sales are paid
    > for by government agencies, such as Medicare and Medicaid. And lo and
    > behold, guess who is now able to bill Medicaid
    > for health services? Public schools, of course, as they are now under
    > the big pharma-political profits/pay-back umbrella once they adopt
    > screening policies. Public schools can now be paid to screen and drug
    > your kids.
    > Now, if you ever wonder, ever again, if public-private partnerships
    > care about people, then you need a brain transplant. Your children are
    > now the legislated guinea pigs and lab rats for the pharmaceutical
    > companies who bought and paid for our president’s campaign. Favors are
    > now returned to those companies in the form of enforced, juvenile
    > customers, their health, and their future drug
    > addictions.
    > But wait, there is more. The New Freedom Commission also calls for
    > enforced treatment. That means that parents have no rights to refuse
    > the treatment recommenced by TMAP and other drug dispensing
    > corporate-bureaucratic apparatuses. And as the mental health
    > bureaucracy is also involved in this financial game of insidious
    > cruelty, parents and families are also to be investigated via the
    > result of their children’s screenings in schools. In other words,
    > schools are now the across-the board, or shall I say nation,
    > diagnostic tool for big pharma and child control.
    > And there’s more. The U.N. Agenda 21 has also called for total
    > intrusion into schools and children lives. No more religion, no more
    > individuality, no more real education, no more real grades, no more
    > real teaching, no more teacher respect for parents, and no more truth
    > from teachers or principals. This sounds very familiar and very
    > political to me. And I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: if
    > you
    > are of a religious ilk and you refuse to allow your children to be
    > abused by our “educational” system, the stage is being set for you to
    > lose physical custody of your children. I suggest that you read this:
    > ‘Rethinking Orphanages for the 21st Century’ by Richard McKenzie.
    > Still got your kids in public schools? Shame on you, and may God bless
    > your poor children and forgive you.
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