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We are here to help you with a Natural Alternative and Integrated Health Solution. 

Our commitment to you as health professionals is to educate and assist you in making your choice of living a healthier life.  We educate with proven facts, testimonies and spiritual guidance. 


Integrated Medicine benefits involve a wide variety of areas associated with healthier lifestyle. 


Reconective Healing which relieves symptoms of imbalance. It improves intuitive and psychic abilities, and also releases negative emotional patterns.  


Reiki is ancient healing art utilizing the universal healing energy by the laying on of hands to direct the energy flow from one source to another. Disharmony in the energy flow of the body creates blockage, which result in physical pain.  Using Reiki, universal energy flows thru the facilitator into the receiver and allows energy to flow smoothly thru the body.  


The bodywork of Polarity Therapy consists of specific movements, which release tension held in your body.  This should not be confused with traditional massage techniques.  We use gentle therapeutic touch, acupressure points, Ayurvedic, and reflexology to interface with your body in unique ways. These techniques allow your energy to shift to a balanced state, which supports return to your optimal state of health. 


There are many ways that a person can be healed and integrated into a healthier lifestyle by choice.  Did you know that we have the power to heal our own bodies?  God has given us the vehicle and the sight to know when our bodies are telling us something is wrong. We feel that it’s important that Americans take their health back into their own hands. The confusion about herbal remedies should be rectified. 280,000 lives our lost due to pharmaceutical drugs.  400,000 if you add just simple medical mistakes.  Herbs save lives.  This is not a secret.  The ability to make educated decisions about our family’s lives depends largely on us and the information we receive. We believe saving lives, not taking them… 



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